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For sensitive souls who want to transform their life

My story - I was 34years old and had been chronically ill for most of my life. I had been diagnosed with a long list of illnesses, chronic fatigue in many forms, PTSD, depression, anxiety and arthritis, carpal tunnel, I had back problems that required operating and other similar issues. I had spent most of my life searching for the answers, seeing doctors and natural health therapists, trialing everything and anything I could to find the answer to why I had so much pain physically and emotionally.

This was until I changed my emotional vibration (see below - my emotional set point was of fear, anger, depression).

Part of my realisation was that I was a highly sensitive empath with amazing energy healing gifts myself!

When I changed my emotional vibration it wasn’t just my physical and emotional health that got better, but my whole life transformed. 

Your emotional vibration creates your reality in all areas of life.

I followed these 3 important, life changing steps:

  1. I made lifestyle changes to raise my emotional vibration - Read my ebooks to find out how
  2. I saw an amazing energy healer who helped me to find the root cause of my issues and heal them. When the root cause was gone, I was free - book in a demo session and let me explain more
  3. I learnt to connect and honour my true amazing self, my soul, my higher-self… and I have learnt how to harness my sensitivity and use it is as my superpower! - learn how to connect to your intuition easily and explore you unique gifts - ask me how

If you are suffering from reoccurring or chronic illness, constantly stressed, money or relationship problems and/or life is just not how you want?

Then it is time to look deeper and find the root cause of what is really stopping you from living your best life!

I want everyone to experience what it is like to live in a place of joy and freedom all the time, no matter where you are at now I can help you shift your vibration and create the life you deserve. 

Possible proven results: 

  • life will be easy
  • you will always feel a sense of calm and peace no matter what is happening in your life
  • you will attract an abundance of money, joy, happiness
  • you will get to live your life purpose and follow your true calling
  • you will attract amazing people into your life and have awesome relationships and connections
  • you will be free from your past and live without the emotional baggage holding you back
  • you can heal from all and every illness

How different would your life be if you could have these things? It is totally possible and absolutely available for YOU! 


Intuition4Kids workshops

Intuition4Kids workshops

Watch your child's confidence soar as they are given simple tools to enhance their natural intuitive abilities! I teach them energy clearing techniques that they can use to clear yucky thoughts and feelings and develop a strong sense of who they really are!

Conscious Parenting webinars

Conscious Parenting webinars

This is no ordinary parenting workshop! I give you tools that help you calm your child, find solutions that work for them as an individual. Banishing the parenting rules and must dos! Empowering you as their parent.

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching

I intuitively tune into the root cause of your child's issues. Then support you and your child to find solutions that work. So that you can live a life of ease and joy :)


I had a session with Elina yesterday. My son has been having emotional issues adjusting to a major family transition. Elina immediately tapped into the root cause. 30mins of her time resulted in a complete positive change, in just 24hours. I am so thrilled I trusted her to take care of my son. She is a child whisperer.


If you love life changing moments, like I do .... Book in to chat with Elina. I'm excited to recommend Elina, her beautiful yet professional nature is comforting as she opens a safe space for you to hear beautiful messages from the universe. For me, I received confirmation of the journey I'm on and also about the limiting beliefs that I put on myself as a child. I feel by learning what moments created the limits I've believed for so long, though self reflection and the realisation, I can move forward and be free! After speaking with Elina, things began to shift without me forcing anything! Highly recommend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Elina. You've enriched my life.


From the Intuition4Kids workshops: I learnt ..."I can be myself and show who I really am"

Bree 13yr


Any questions, just contact me here :)

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